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Hard Copy Legal Documents


Property/Company Ownership Documents

Documents signed a Day

Document Frauds a month

*Number Applied from a statistic data collected 2013-2015 in Bulgaria

The Challenge

Leaving apart the industrial area and focusing on the consumer we are looking at decades old hand written signature. This process of validating the signer identity is complex, expensive and not safe enough for the user. In Bulgaria, company’s stamp and owner’s signature has been a matter of fraud transactions and other illegal matters.

The Solution

Our system will substitute this easy to copy hand-written signature and will secure it on a cloud service. The signer’s information will be completely locked for any changes and will answer the questions: when and by whom was signed the document.

  • Device Development 100%
  • Mechanical Testing 50%
  • Server Side 10%
  • User Side 30%

Where we are standing...

The biometric validated stamp is ready for first units production. We are still in the device testing step, where we are searching for failures in our lab and not in customer’s hand.

We are still in front of the challenges the software has to offer. We are building a military grade secure cloud database and at the same time developing the UI in both Android and iOS.

Live Updates...

Lynx Biometric Stamp will supply additional layer of security and will strengthen person’s 1,000 year old signature.

Emil Shaked

CEO and Co-founder, Lynx Innovations

User Recognition

Automatic autonomous system restricted for user ID and actual date change (amendment).

Front part of the stamp includes the biometric fingerprint reader.

Unique Barcode Stamping

After the user has been authorized the stamp will make a Barcode-like array of lines in which the signer identity and date is encoded.

Cloud / Internal Network Stored Database

At any point the created Barcode can be read by Smartphone scanner/reader Apps and validated with a cloud stored database.

Alternatively, for extra secure needs, the data logs and all communication can be done in an internal network without access to the internet and cloud.

The Operation Method

After user recognition has been successfully performed the stamp inner mechanism will create a unique barcode-like form. This unique code is built ot of 5 lines driven by 5 accurate step motors. The accuracy can create billions of line arrangement options.