The Solution

Our solution designed primarily for paper-based documents. 


You can find example in the illustration bellow how next to the person’s name and signature a Lynx’s QR code is stamped. The QR encodes the signer information, geolocation and the date.

Lynx stamp

A Lynx stamp is a hand-held smart signing device for signing a physical paper document.

Lynx stamp being arranged for generating and applying by the physical stamp device a unique code (UC) on the physical paper document, wherein the applying of the unique code is by physically imprinting, for example stamping, the UC on the paper-based document and the generating of the UC comprises cryptographic techniques, and wherein the UC being logically associated to data/information located in a URL associated to the UC.

How it works

  • LYNX stamp will determine the identity of the user using integrated biometric sensor.
  • Then it will create a QR code for the current signing event.
  • The event will include all data about the signer, date, location and even a scan of the document (an option).
  • The QR code is linked to an web address, decentralized backed with blockchain technology.
  • Managers/Owners are instantly informed about the use of the company’s stamp with all the necessary data.
  • In addition there is an option for remote approval/signature.

In this way our system will substitute this easy to copy hand-written signature and will secure it on a cloud service.

The signer’s information will be completely locked for any changes and will answer the questions: when and by whom was signed the document.

From GMP point of view

Lynx stamp as a Biometric Validated Stamp also for better Data Integrity

Document provides evidence proving that the tasks have been completed as they should be. There is a great importance that the document signing is done at the exact date and by the authorized person.

Front part of the stamp includes the biometric fingerprint reader. After the user has been authorized the stamp will print a unique QR code (general version) or Barcode-like array of lines (special version) in which the signer identity and date are encoded. At any point the printed code can be read and validated with a cloud stored information

The biometric stamp is non-compromised tool for hard copy data protection and data integrity which aims to prevent unintentional or intentional changes to information. This unique ability provides a solid solution for paper-based documents.

Therefore Lynx’ product helps to obtain a type of logical integrity and keeps data unchanged by locking an option of paper based documents amendment, sign on behalf another person or retroactively.