The Problem Size

The traditional document signing process being time-consuming and costly for both businesses and clients. Businesses worldwide have started looking for solutions to collect signatures electronically, but not all documents and all businesses can be fully transferred to electronic formats. Document falsification and signature authenticity verification is a complicated process, especially, for hardcopy documents.
Today, there are many different cloud-based solutions to control and sign electronic documents only. has developed the ultimate solution based on the hardware-enhanced model for stronger security protection and universality, for both electronic and paper-based documents, thus our potential customers can sign digitally either electronic or paper-based documents – PRODUCT FLAXIBILITY.
Therefore, our solution is the only one, that allows to digitally sign any documents on one-source platform.


per. cent Increase in document falsification in Canada


In fines, Wells Fargo to resolve fraud investigation around forging signatures


Tons a year in paper for legal documents


In Top 10 risks for entrepreneurship icl. digital data fraud and theft

What we are solving

Signature Falsification

Signing another person’s name, faking or alteration of the signature.

Alterations of Documents

Alterations to a legal electronic and paper document or contract without consent.

Backdating of Documents

One of the thornier issues which come up in legal practice from time to time.

Inability working remotely

Inability signing and execution of hardcopy document remotely

The Solution

We enhance hard-copy document signing with Digital Signature

How it works:


One-time registration

After successful user identification and registration process, you will receive the Lynx signing device (the stamp), which contains your private key and biometric tag.

Afterward, download and install the Lynx app on your smartphone.


To sign electronic document

When you need to sign the electronic document, just upload the document to the LYNX app (mobile or web).


Stamp activation by Biometric authentication

Place your finger on your stamp's fingerprint sensor until white led light up on your device, to notify that your identity has been successfully verified.
Subsequently, the device generates a signature, and the document is signed digitally and stored on server.


Signing paper-based document

For the paper-based documents the procedure is similar, but in this case the digital signature is simply imprinted on the physical document, thanks to integrated inkjet print head.
So just take your signing device and print the generated QR-code with additional customized info along with the original document.
Once the cellular data is available, a server URL is created with the document backup and the signing event data.
* the link can be public or with restricted access

The Team

Anything is possible when you work as a team

Frequently asked Question

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The signing device is personal and contains the owner's private key to generate a unique digital signature.
YES, the stamp has an offline mode but must be eventually connected to the internet to upload the collected data.
YES, developed an innovative product that allows users to work remotely even with paper-based documents in a safe and efficient manner. Moreover, it is also possible to collect signatures from multiple signers who are physically located in different places, thus the document's owner transfers the validated digital signatures directly to the paper document.