Our Product

Our solution is the only one, that allows to digitally sign any documents on one-source platform

A Lynx stamp is a hand-held smart signing device for signing both electronic and physical documents.
PATENT PENDING WO.2019.155309; USPTO: Identifier: US20210006411A1

The concept

Lynx stamp being arranged for generating and applying by the physical device a unique code (UC) on the physical paper or electronic document wherein the applying of the unique code is by physically imprinting the UC on the paper-based document or by transferring the UC to the electronic document and the generating of the UC comprises cryptographic techniques, and wherein the UC being logically associated to data/information located in a URL associated to the UC.

How it works

The LYNX signature generation process:
LYNX stamp determines the signer’s identity using an integrated biometric sensor.
Then the document is scanned using a dedicated LYNX app thru the user’s smartphone device.
The LYNX app extracts and converts the text’s characters into a binary string and hashes content using a cryptographic hash function. This hash digest is encrypted together with the signer’s ID, event’s date, location, and finally using the signer’s private key which is stored inside the physical device, the digital signature is created. The entire cryptographic process is conducted on the Lynx signing device.
This digital signature, together with the URL to cloud storage, is incorporated into a QR code. The electronic document is signed by QR code, in case if paper-based document needs to be signed the QR with digital signature is simply imprinted on the physical document, thanks to integrated inkjet print head.
The LYNX signature verification process:
The printed QR code is scanned to retrieve the digital signature. This signature is decrypted using the provided public key (certificate) to extract a document’s data. The document’s content converted to a binary string which is hashed to produce a digest. This digest is then compared with the decrypted digital signature. If all compared values match then it can be confirmed that the message content has not been altered and the signer’s data is authenticated.
Additionally, there is an option for remote approval/signing of both paper-based and electronic documents.
Checked, circle, v, circular icon - Download on IconfinderIn this way, our system will substitute this easy to copy hand-written signature and will secure it on a cloud service.
Checked, circle, v, circular icon - Download on IconfinderThe signer’s information will be completely locked for any changes and will answer the questions: when and by whom was signed the document.
Checked, circle, v, circular icon - Download on IconfinderLynx stamp as a Biometric Validated Stamp also for better Data Integrity
On the top panel, the stamp includes a biometric fingerprint reader and the status LED indicators. After the user has been biometrically authenticated, and the LED indicator will turn white, the stamp will generate a unique code automatically and allow it to be printed on the paper surface within a certain time. 
A biometric stamp is a non-compromised tool for hard copy data protection and data integrity which aims to prevent unintentional or intentional changes to information. This unique ability provides a solid solution for paper-based documents.
Therefore Lynx’s product helps to obtain a type of logical integrity and keeps data unchanged by locking an option of paper-based documents amendment, sign on behalf of another person or retroactively.


Based on ositive PCT Patent examination in the US we are at the national phase for patent registration in multiple target countries around the world. Among them: USA, Japan and Russia. for more information: refer to PATENT PENDING WO.2019.155309